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What is visualisation?

Visualisation simply means translating thoughts into images. However simple the concept is though, the outcome is powerful. A sweeping visual landscape captures the essence of a collective thought process, whether it is a conference, multi-stakeholder meeting, business proposition or shared learning journey. It is perfect for creating a collective summary, a template for evaluation, or for live note-taking and sense-making.

My style of visualisation focuses on both capturing the atmosphere of a gathering, as well as synthesising the content of the conversations. The end result serves as an engaging shorthand for your brain. During an event, it brings unique clarity and shared understanding. After an event, it gives participants a doorway back into their memory of the full experience, while facilitating the on-boarding of those who couldn’t be present.


What do I offer?

All my visualisation services are bespoke, but they fall under four different categories:

  • Graphic recording - summarising visually on the sideline of large events;

  • Visual facilitation - helping groups clarify and visualise their ideas from the front of the room;

  • Commissioned illustrations - enlivening publications for web or print;

  • Visualisation workshops - demystifying the craft of visualisation for professionals or students.

See below for examples of previous projects where I worked in each of these different roles.

I work for the corporate, public, academic and community sectors, for which I maintain different rates. Contact me to discuss tailoring my services to your needs and budget.


A selection of past projects

Graphic recording. It is often hard to see the wood for the trees in high-content gatherings such as conferences and trainings. I specialise in distilling the essence as well as the atmosphere of the event. I take visual notes on everyone’s behalf, so that participants can relax into participating without the fear of all the information and insights ‘dissipating’ at the end. The result is a valuable memoire of the event, that reinforces shared understanding and learning, while functioning as effective promotion and evaluation material for the event organisers.


Illustrations. Words tend to pile up and confuse. This is exemplified nowhere better than in publications like reports or training manuals, or on wordy websites. Enlivening these with concise, effective visualisations makes their content more accessible and easier to retain.

Visual facilitation. Using live visualisation as a tool, as a facilitator I engage directly with the participants, in settings like multi-stakeholder consultations, strategic discernment processes, project management meetings, or team/project evaluations. With an academic and professional background in process design and consultancy, and with visualisation as a bonus skill, I can help your vision and plans gain clarity and communicability, whilst guiding a group process in a way that taps into the collective intelligence and potential for synergy of the group.


Workshops. I offer visualisation workshops in both professional and academic settings. Together we step over the threshold of the ‘I can’t draw’ mentality, break down the basics, and hand you a magic card to revolutionise your work and studies.


Stéphanie has co-facilitated with me on several occasions, and I am always impressed with her ability to deeply listen to a room. Her visual recording of processes is exquisite. She engages people where they are at, and pulls from their conversation what really matters, bringing people toward new and better understandings of themselves. She is gifted, sensitive, articulate and wise in her work - quite a combination!
— Julian Hamilton, Founder of the Good Summit
I worked with Stéphanie on a complex programme of work. She was flexible and responsive and her clear images and high quality design provided us with an elegant and detailed finished product. It doesn’t get much better than working with someone who hears, thinks, sees and creates in a challenging environment with such an innate grace and composure to capture the essence of a project.
— Katy Radford, Institute for Conflict Research
Not only is Stéphanie an excellent artist, who can draw beautiful landscapes; she is also an intelligent listener, able to capture the essence of a meeting. A rare combination, more so because of how likeable she is in her contact with participants of the meetings.
— Glenn van der Burg, Facilitator and founder at People Power
Stéphanie takes a critical stance with an admirable passion and a good dose of courage. Her astuteness and thoroughness helped us focus in our project. With her presence and charisma she can take anyone along into her imagination and vision, which are her absolute strength.
— Alison Jenkins, ABN AMRO Bank consultancy project

Previous clients include

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Visualisation wakes up both sides of your brain

Visualisation wakes up both sides of your brain

Why is visualisation so effective?

We tend to communicate our thoughts in spoken or written words. But 80% of our sensory input is visual, and our brain is therefore specialised in processing information visually.

An effective visualisation is indispensable for getting your idea across. People instantly feel the difference between an idea explained with the help of a candid visualisation, rather than spoken into thin air. Visualisation literally brings people on the same page.

Visualisation wakes up both sides of your brain, combining creativity with analysis, and lifts boring meetings to whole new levels of engagement and productivity. The contrast is profound, and for many people, once they’ve come across visualisation in their work, there’s no going back.

Words carry different meanings for everyone. Visualisation literally brings people on the same page.

Words carry different meanings for everyone. Visualisation literally brings people on the same page.


Visualisation is still a niche profession, but it is gaining traction from the corporate down to grassroots levels, and recent years have seen a proliferation in applications and styles. For example, visualisation is offered as an active tool in process facilitation, as graphic recording during events, and as animated video illustrations for talks and speeches.

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