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I am an independently released singer-songwriter under the artist name Soma Saloli, which is a tribute to the trinity of women that shaped me: my grandmother, my mother and myself (‘oma’ being the Dutch word for grandmother).

My career as a performing artist started in my teens, where I was a regular in the small circuit of singer-songwriter nights in basements bars and local festivals in my native Dutch coastal dune city The Hague. I began recording in 2006, which continued as I moved from the Netherlands to California to Sweden to Northern Ireland. Over the course of years music became an elemental channel of exploration and expression. This has so far resulted in two independent releases: debut album ‘The Long Way Home‘ (2017) and EP ‘Red Road’ (2018).

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The Long Way Home

The 2017 summer in Sweden was the onset of a creative surge where three more songs were recorded, and recordings from as far back as a decade were mixed down. The magnetism of the project steadily increased, drawing in sound engineers, photographers, designers, music distributors, and crowd funders in a surge towards the fulfilment of a ten-year-old dream.

This independent release emerged, encapsulating the journey of the long way home, chronicling a decade of an artist and her music ripening together. It speaks both to the unique and universal journey: ripening from child to human, in pursuit of the personal power that can fulfil childhood dreams, and through it becoming who you’ve always been. Enjoy, here’s to dreaming!

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Red Road EP

In the summer of 2018 a friend from California came to visit on the North Antrim coast, armed with fiddle and studio mic. For two sunny days we locked ourselves inside to record my latest song, Red Road, featuring his virtuoso fiddling and backing vocals. The end result is an EP with the Red Road single, as well as M’Gilvry Allen’s dance remix of the recording.

Soma Saloli’s earthy voice and fiddle harmonies by M’Gilvry Allen join forces to recall the steadfastness of first steps in a new land, while echoing the green undulating glens of Northern Irish countryside and its cliff-lined Atlantic coast. On the B-side, a dance remix by M’Gilvry Allen resamples the melodic elements of the single into a rhythmic celebration of friendship and homecoming.

Live music video from the release concert of The Long Way Home.